PINTEREST BOARD: Home Inspiration

OK so I know I haven’t posted in a while but it’s that time again where I have loads of uni work and I need to focus on getting that done which means unfortunately I can’t post as much as I’d like to.

I have however come up with a few weekly ideas which include a weekly Pinterest board and an OOTW (outfit of the week). These along with other blog posts will hopefully mean I’ll be blogging a lot more, especially as I’ve nearly finished my second year of uni.

This weeks Pinterest board (as you can tell from the title) will be based on what I would like my home to be inspired by.

You’ll probably know by now that I’m a student so can’t actually put these things into action just yet, but a girl can dream right?

I’ve been really into home DIY videos on Youtube at the moment which is really making me want to be rich enough to afford my own place. For now I’m sticking to Pinterest to help inspire my thoughts, and hopefully in a few years I’ll be the one posting pretty pics like the ones I’ve saved.

So, here’s the board of dreams.

If you’d like to see me do a board on something you like, comment below and I’d be happy to do it!

EG x


My most recent purchases

My second year of uni has just started so I thought I’d treat myself to a few things that contribute to my wardrobe, makeup bag, and vinyl collection.

We all have little things that make us happy and for me I usually get things that I either need or will use a lot.

The following few things are what I consider to fall into what I need and will get a lot of use out of whilst still being what I want, so here are my most recent purchases.


1. Ecote Teddy Cosy Reversible Khaki Hooded Jacket £69 (you can get 10% student discount)

I got this jacket from Urban Outfitters which is one of my favourite shops ever! I decided I needed it because one, it will keep me warm as I have no coats or jackets that are thick and cosy, and two, because it has a hood and I also do not own a hooded coat or jacket. I really like how thick it is and it’s a lot more practical than any other piece of outdoor clothing I own. This jacket is perfect for chilly autumn/winter nights and I can especially imagine being snuggled up in it on bonfire night whilst watching the fireworks. It also comes in different colours and it’s reversible!

2. Top with lacing £12.99

This was a great buy from H & M. I really like tops with lacing trend and I especially went for the natural white colour as I don’t own many non-black tops (or clothing at all for that matter). This goes great with jeans and I like to add a fedora and some Docs, if it’s a bit nippy even a suede waistcoat or leather jacket.

3. Pink crushed velvet skater dress £28 (you can get 10% student discount)

I love this dress from Nobody’s Child. I really needed something new to wear on nights out and when I was having a browse I saw this and immediately had to get it. I like it because it’s nice and girly but I also think that it can come off as grungy as I usually wear it with fishnets and Docs.

4. Lush seducer eye jewels £10

These aren’t sold online so you have to go in the store to purchase them however that’s part of the fun with Lush! I tried more or less all of them out and I’ll deffo be going back for more but I started off with an orangey-red colour. They’re all shimmery might I add AND they’re 30% pigment! I like to use my fingers to put it all over my eyelids and underneath then finish off with winged eyeliner and mascara (and glitter if I’m going out).

5. Oasis- (What’s the story) Morning glory? vinyl £20

I got this from Sainsbury’s purely because that’s our local supermarket (bit expensive for students, I know!) and they have a pretty sick vinyl selection. I couldn’t decide what to get because I also wanted one of the Nirvana or The Smiths vinyls they did too but I’ve already got at least one record by both artists and not one from Oasis so my choice was made really.


If you like any of the above then I’ve added the links (of what I could) for you to have a browse. Hopefully I’ve given you some inspo on what you might need adding to your wardrobe, makeup bag or vinyl collection, and seen as Christmas isn’t that far away, maybe even your list?

EG x


My student room

When you’re a student like me who lives away from home it can be pretty annoying when trying to make your room homely. When I was in first year it was hard to make my room unique because every single room was the same and the carpet and colour of the walls reminded me of being back at school- yes it really was that dull.

Now that I’m in second year me and my friends went out and chose a house to live in, and I’ll tell you now, it’s 10 times better. My room is bigger than the one I have at home, I have a double bed and my window is bloody massive.

I’m EXTREMELY fussy about how my room is decorated, and of course I’m still not allowed to paint the walls or put in some carpet, but my landlord is quite relaxed about how what I put on the walls etc.

Here’s how I’ve decorated my room.

1. Tapestry

Tapestry’s are really in fashion at the moment and I got this one last year to spice up my room in my halls. I feel it is colourful without being too bright because, let’s be honest, who wants a fluorescent, glow in the dark, minging thing on their wall? Nobody, that’s who. I also like the fact that it takes up a lot of the wall because I don’t really like large blank spaces, but of course everyone has a different taste.


2. Desk

Every student has to have a desk to study, revise and work on don’t they? Yes, they probably should. But who really uses a desk for that unless they’ve brought like two things with them? My guess is no one. Unless everyone in my house is extremely odd (including me) as we’ve all got what we like to call our ‘babies’/ most important things in our lives on there. For me it’s my cameras, record player & records, and my laptop. For some of the lads it’s their Xbox or whatever is ‘important’ to them.


3. Bedside table

I don’t even know what to call it because it’s not at my bedside and it’s not a table, it’s not a shelf either, get my predicament? I basically just keep my jewellery on the top of it, my perfume on the weird shelf it has, and a lamp that I’ve actually put on the bottom shelf.

4. Posters & pics

My posters and pictures basically serve the same purpose as my tapestry as they take up some of the blank space on my walls. They also make my room feel more homely because the pictures are of my friends and family and the posters are of things I find interesting. I also have a wall calendar which I know is quite weird for a student with a phone, but if I didn’t have it I honestly wouldn’t be able to keep up with what day it was. I also use it for it’s purpose and write what plans I have on a specific day.

5. Window

The window in my room is probably my favourite just because it’s the biggest in the house and I can see into the garden. I love the size of it because it lets in so much light and there’s a tree just outside it so it makes me feel all autumny when I’m laid on my bed watching a film. I store most of my books and keep a few candles on the windowsill, and I even have a mirror so that when I’m doing my makeup in the morning so I can see the little squirrels we have in the garden, and sit in bed all cozy.


So far I like how my room is however I may end up changing things as the seasons change. I’ll probably add a few more pics and posters as I find things along the way, but for now this is it.

EG x