This weekly pinterest board is going to be ‘Places’. I chose this subject as I have nearly finished uni for summer meaning that I can finally get excited for going on holiday.

This year I’m going to Rome in April, somewhere in June with my boyfriend (haven’t booked it yet) and Cape Verde with my family in August. So I’m really craving some sun and a change of scenery.

A lot of the pins are very similar as I love going to natural places as I don’t usually see them due to living in busy Manchester. City life is good but sometimes I do need to escape it, so this is basically a board of pins of places I can see myself relaxing in and that are pretty much the polar opposite of the type of environment I live in now.

Like always, if you have any board ideas feel free to comment them.

EG x


PINTEREST BOARD: Home Inspiration

OK so I know I haven’t posted in a while but it’s that time again where I have loads of uni work and I need to focus on getting that done which means unfortunately I can’t post as much as I’d like to.

I have however come up with a few weekly ideas which include a weekly Pinterest board and an OOTW (outfit of the week). These along with other blog posts will hopefully mean I’ll be blogging a lot more, especially as I’ve nearly finished my second year of uni.

This weeks Pinterest board (as you can tell from the title) will be based on what I would like my home to be inspired by.

You’ll probably know by now that I’m a student so can’t actually put these things into action just yet, but a girl can dream right?

I’ve been really into home DIY videos on Youtube at the moment which is really making me want to be rich enough to afford my own place. For now I’m sticking to Pinterest to help inspire my thoughts, and hopefully in a few years I’ll be the one posting pretty pics like the ones I’ve saved.

So, here’s the board of dreams.

If you’d like to see me do a board on something you like, comment below and I’d be happy to do it!

EG x