My PM skincare routine

Since the age of 13 til around the age of 18 I had spots and my skin was so sensitive. I’m now nearly 20 and can finally use nice products on my face to cleanse and moisturise rather than just clean my face with prescription cleansers to prevent spots.

I waited for Christmas so that I could ask for some nice basic skincare products to start me off and I decided the brand I wanted to try for skincare was going to be e.l.f.

I just asked for generic things so my Mum got me the Exfoliating Scrub, the Daily Face Cleanser and the Daily Hydration moisturiser– all from e.l.f., and so far so good.

She also got me the Nivea Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover which is also a nice product.

Step 1

I only do this first step of my routine if I’m wearing makeup, which is to use the Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover to remove my eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. At first I was sceptical of using it as I just thought it’d be like using a makeup wipe so I thought what’s the extra hassle worth? I was completely wrong.

This product states on the instructions to shake well before use, to apply it to a cotton pad and that no rubbing is needed. I was like “No rubbing? What a load of BS” but it turns out what I thought was actually the BS because this thing worked a treat. Of course it’s a nice surprise when you’re tired AF and you just want to take your makeup off with no effort!

Step 2

Step two is something I do two to three times a week. One because it says to do so on the instructions, and two because I agree.

I’ll do this if I do or don’t have makeup on as it makes no difference to the results. I put it on my fingertips then massage it around my face in circular motions, focusing it particularly on my dry bits like my nose and in between my eyebrows, along with the parts of my face where my pores get clogged more.

This leaves my skin feeling soft and ready for step 3.

Step 3

This step is my favourite purely because I love to use my No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush.

I start off by wetting my face then putting the Daily Face Cleanser on the tips of my fingers and rubbing it on my face in circular motions for a few seconds. I then scrape the leftover product off my hands and put it on my face.

This is when I use my Cleansing Brush which has two settings. I start off by wetting it and then shaking of the excess water just so it makes the cleanser lather. I put the brush on its first setting which is slow and use it all over my face (not including my eyes) in circular motions. After around 30 secs I put it on it’s higher setting which makes it faster doing the same thing for around the same time.

I then wash the product off my face and dab my skin dry with a clean towel.

Step 4

The final step to my routine is moisturising. I put a generous amount of the Daily Hydration Moisturiser on my finger tips then blob it around my face evenly. I then rub it in focusing on my dry patches (which there are a lot of because of the cold weather).

I usually put lip balm on right before bed too so that my lips are less likely to crack.

If you have any products you’d like to recommend or have any questions about the products I’ve used, feel free to comment them below.

EG x


GRWM: Casual look

Tuesdays are my days off uni so me and my friend planned to go to the cinema and Christmas markets in Manchester.

When I’m doing something casual like this I like to go for the more natural makeup look and comfy clothes. My hair just depends on how much it needs a wash (gross I know) and today it needed a wash very badly.

For my makeup I’ve gone for a natural brown shadow, my hair is in fishtail plaits, and I’m just wearing a t-shirt and dungaree dress.

Face products I used:

  • No7 Airbrush Away Pore Minimising Primer
  • PS strobing highlighting cream
  • No7 Stay perfect foundation
  • PS volumising mascara
  • No7 beautiful eyebrow sculpting pencil
  • MAC blusher (Desert Rose)
  • MAC eyeshadow (Charcoal Brown)
  • MUA cover and conceal
  • PS contour stick
  • Collection clear brow mascara
  • PS velvet matte lipstick crayon


  • ‘Run forest run’ Bubba Gump t-shirt
  • Topshop pinafore dress
  • Boohoo fedora hat


  • Pandora leather bracelet & charm (worn as necklace)
  • Casio watch
  • Pandora rings (Aquamarine birthstone and flower)

So that was my first ever ‘get ready with me’. I’m not the best at makeup but I try and I’d like to try new things but I have to be careful with what foundation I use as my skin is acne prone.

If I could change anything it would be my eyebrows as they currently look like slugs but as you know I’m trying to grow them out so I need to leave them alone as much as I can regarding the plucking.

If you have any tips and tricks then I’d be happy to hear them.

EG x

Autumn makeup routine

A change of season means a change of look for me. I more or less keep the same style but when it comes to makeup I like to experiment with different colours.

Seen as it’s Autumn I’ve come up with a look to go with the season. I’ve gone for a shimmery red / orange colour which obviously relates to the colour the leaves go in Autumn, I’ve also gone for a dark lipstick and a bit of shimmer to brighten the look up.

Products I used:

If you like this look be sure to keep an eye out for more.

EG x

My everyday makeup rountine

Everyone has their go-to makeup routine especially if they’re running late or are just doing something cas. Mine is for when I want to make an effort but don’t have a lot of time like in the morning before I go to uni.

I was always self conscious when not wearing makeup, but that’s because I had acne for my whole teenage life. I got rid of it last year due to some medication I was on which means I’m not scared of going out without makeup on now, however I still do just because it makes me feel better and I like to use it.

I like the natural look so I don’t use a lot of product on my face. I also like to try different things out with my eyeshadow as I have many different colours, but today I went for a pretty shimmery pink as I think it goes with the autumn weather well.

So here’s my everyday makeup routine.

Products I used

As I said this is my everyday, go-to makeup routine. I change it up with the eyes for different occasions like when I’m going out I always add glitter, or sometimes I don’t wear eyeliner.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more looks.

EG x