This outfit of the day is perfect for casual occasions and days when it’s cold but you still want to look cool.


I’ve always held back from wearing jeans and I didn’t wear them (or trousers etc) for over two years but bought some last year in the winter period when it was cold. I didn’t like wearing jeans because I’m really self conscious about my legs but I just thought fuck it and to not care what people think about me.

I’m glad I did because I feel more relaxed in them and don’t have to worry about them blowing up and showing my knickers when it’s windy.

This year I really wanted some flares as they’re really in ATM and I also liked the frayed jeans.


For some reason I was lucky and found some on New Look’s website so I ordered them. I must say I was skeptical about them not fitting me as I have big thighs and bum and a small waist.

I tried them on and was so glad they were stretchy because now I have two pairs of jeans! Yey me.

I’m obsessed with striped T shirts, especially long sleeved ones, and this one was in the sale at H&M so it was a must-buy.


As for the converse they go with literally anything and are probably my comfiest shoes. I like the casual look they give to the outfit.

Also I got the bag for Christmas and it has elephants on it so it must go with everything- yes because elephants are the best it means the bag goes with everything.

Finally, if it’s cold (which it is) I like to add my long duster jacket as it makes it look really relaxed and kind of an 80’s style.

My Outfit

  • T shirt- H&M £4
  • Jeans– New Look £24.99
  • Shoes– Converse £50
  • Bag- Next (Christmas present)

Hope you liked my casual outfit, if you’ve got any recommendations on what you think it would look good with, comment them below.

EG x


My shoe collection

My shoes are like my babies. I don’t have many as I tend to wear the same shoes a lot and I definitely have autumn / winter and spring / summer shoes.

The basis of my shoe collection is made up of docs as they last so long and go with literally anything. I don’t own heels because I can’t walk in them for the life of me and also I don’t have anything to wear them for.

I’ll be starting off my shoe collection with:

Dr Martens 1461

I’m on my second pair of these and they are what I currently wear the most. I wear them with practically anything and I like to add some cool socks that go past my ankle just to jazz the look up a bit.

Dr Martens 1460

I wore these to Leeds fest this year and the mud was that bad that even after scraping, soaking AND being put in the washing machine they are still dirty. I love these docs just as much as my 1461’s and I think they look edgy with a midi skirt or dress.

Dr Martens 2976

These are in my autumn / winter collection as they only really go with tights and jeans which is something I don’t wear a lot in summer. I really like them and they’re one of my smarter pair of shoes.

Dr Martens Polley

These are the cutest pair of shoes I own and again, I like to add some pretty socks with them. However, they are also the most painful pair of shoes I own because for some reason they’re so hard to break in. I like to wear them when I go on a night out.

Chuck Taylor All Star Classic

I got these this year for my holiday in Florida because I had to do a lot of walking. I also really wanted them for a while before getting them but never had the money, but they were on sale so I could get them.

Vans Old Skool

I also wanted these for a long time before I got them and I like to wear them when I’m doing something casual because they’re comfy and go with a lot of outfits.

Asos Flatforms

I can’t find a link for these as I got them around 2 years ago but these are my dressy shoes that I wear with summery dresses and on special occasions. I like these as they’re comfy and edgy however they’re more summary as they really don’t go with tights.

Classic Birkenstock

These are so perfect for summer and lazy days when you just want to pop to the shop for some milk or whatever. They took a long time to break in but I just love the casual look they give and they go with everything.


Although a lot of my shoes are expensive, I’ve got a few of them either in a sale on for Christmas. They last really long too so I never have to buy shoes as they are suitable for any weather.

EG x