REVIEW: Nivea Daily Essentials BB Cream

Ok so this is a bit of a tricky review for me as I adore Nivea products however hate this one.

I’ll start off by saying I’ve tried the Tinted Moisturising Day Cream and absolutely loved it so thought that I’d try the BB cream when I came across it the other day whilst I was in Body Care.

These were what the product states it does:


The instructions for application also say to “Apply the cream on cleansed face by gently massaging in small circles.”


As I said I love Nivea products and had really high hopes for this one but it really didn’t live up to my expectations and here’s why:

  • Even after I’d moisturised and primed my face with hydrating primer it seemed to stick to my dry patches which made it look uneven and really irritated my skin.
  • I started off by applying the cream in the specified way to apply it and it looked blotchy and patchy so I tried using a makeup sponge, the same thing happened.
  • The skin match was horrific as I have light skin in the winter but I wouldn’t say it’s fair, however the lightest shade made my face look orange.
  • It says that it refines the appearance of pores but my pores seemed to show more than they normally would, even without makeup on.
  • I never really use powder all over my face as I feel it makes my skin look dry and cakey however I tried to fix the look by packing it all over my face, this made my skin all itchy.

I’d say this product has two pros if I’m being generous and they are the smell- I absolutely love the smell of it as it smells like most Nivea products do, and it is SPF 10 to protect your skin from the sun.

I’d like to say that maybe it’s just because it’s winter and my skin is all dry and pale and that if it were summer and I were to try out the product again (which I might do) it would have a better effect.

Or it could just be my bad application. Either way, for me this product was a 1 out of 5, purely because it did the complete opposite to my skin to what it said it would do.

If you have any BB cream recommendations (preferably under a tenner) then please suggest them in the comments as I am desperate!!

EG x


My Saturday night in: Cheap pamper sesh with my boyfriend

It’s coming up to Christmas, I’ve got a lot of uni work to do and I don’t have a lot of money to go out. Which means I’m stressed and poor.

I haven’t been looking after my skin as much as I’d like to as I decided to wait til Christmas so that I could get nicer skincare that won’t cause my face to breakout, however seen as it’s ‘that time of the month’ my skin isn’t the best it could be.

I decided to go to a shop called Body Care as I know they do some decent, cheap products and I really wanted to try tinting my eyebrows at home.

Products used:

  • Beauty Formulas tea tree deep cleansing nose pore strips (99p)
  • Colorsport 30 day brow tint (£2.99)
  • Beauty Formulas charcoal clay mask (99p)

Step 1


Me and my boyfriend used the nose strips first to get rid of any blackheads and dry skin we had. These are great because they do what they say on the packaging and they’re only 99p, which is a bargain for these as for some reason they are so much more expensive everywhere else (£6 at Boots!!).

Step 2


We did the face mask next which was extremely refreshing. This was also a complete bargain so I can’t really complain about the results as it basically does what you expect. I like how it makes your face feel cold because to me that means that it’s doing something even if it’s not something that makes my skin look amazing and that it’s not a complete waste of money.

Step 3

My boyfriend didn’t follow this step as he already has nice eyebrows. This is the second time I’ve tinted my eyebrows. Before starting the tinting I plucked and shaped my brows a bit. As you can tell my brows are extremely patchy due to over-waxing them (by a pro btw, I didn’t do them myself) and I like the naturally thicker look so I am growing them and filling them in with the tint.

The tint worked as in it made my brows darker however it didn’t fill in the patchiness which is fair enough, it wasn’t expensive and it more or less did what it said it would do.

Overall I feel I’ve had a successful pamper sesh, especially because of how cheap the products were. My boyfriend seems to enjoy the soft skin they have given him and I’ll continue to use the products until I can afford something better. I’ll also use them when my skin is looking bad. So if you’re down-in-the-dumps like me then I reccomend!!

EG x