This outfit of the day was only able to happen due to the Zara sale because my oh my it is good.

It’s the middle of winter yet I’m still willing to wear a midi skirt purely because it was such a gem of a buy. The t shirt was also amazingly cheap and I love the fact that it can be either casual or dressy, and will go with anything.



This outfit literally consisted of two things and can be personalised with what makes you comfortable. I like to wear it with my 1461’s, some cute socks and my Dr Marten bag.

My outfit:

  • T shirt– Zara £3.99 (originally £15.99)
  • Skirt– Zara £9.99 (originally £25.99)
  • Socks- Primark £2 for two
  • Shoes– 1461 Dr Martens £100
  • Bag– Dr Martens £105

Currently this is one of my favourite outfits and I like to wear it for uni and going to town etc. If it’s a bit chilly I put my leather jacket on and I always bling it up with a little bit of jewellery.

If you’d like to see more of my looks comment or like this post.

EG x


What’s in my bag?

We all have different bags for different occasions. I take different things with me depending on where I’m going so I have a casual bag, a going-out bag, and a uni bag.

I don’t always change the bag I use, just the things I put in it, but I do mainly use the bags shown in the pictures for what the occasion is.

Casual Bag


So, first of all there’s my casual bag which is what I use for things like going to town or going to the shops etc. I use one of my favourite bags (Dr Martens bag) for this because it’s the perfect size as it’s not too big or too small.

For shopping trips when I know I’m going to buy something, I like to take my Lush ‘Fighting animal testing’ bag as plastic bags cost 5p now and it helps the environment to use my own bag.

If I were to empty my bag as soon as I got in from shopping in town then it would probably be filled with my:

  • Keys
  • Phone
  • Chewing gum
  • Earphones
  • Bus tickets
  • Purse

Pretty stereotypical tbh, my favourite thing in that bag is of course the purse (side note: I once cried when I thought I lost it. Not because of the money, cards and ID inside it but because of the actual purse).

Going-out bag


I use this bag, obviously, for going out (meaning clubs, house parties etc) as it’s small and minimises what I take with me.

Taking the minimal is very important for someone as clumsy as me as I do stupid things like give NARS lippy away in the girls loo because I become overly nice to people I don’t know. Or drop my phone when waiting for a drink and the only way of fixing it is if I bite it.

So basically I take out my:

  • Keys
  • Phone
  • small purse (I put my ID, money and student card in it)
  • Lipstick

My boyfriend enjoys looking after my phone on nights out because he doesn’t trust me to not break it, and I’ve learnt my lesson and take a cheap lipstick out with me now.

Uni Bag


My uni bag is my biggest bag as I have to fit bigger stuff in it. I like to carry the necessities with me as I’ll never know what I need.

These include my:

  • Phone
  • Purse
  • Keys
  • Laptop
  • Notebook
  • Pens
  • Tampons
  • Drink

Loads of people on my course don’t really take their laptop but I enjoy doing my work on mine so it’s more accessible. It also means I can internet shop without being monitored by the lecturers.


So they’re the three main bags I use. Sometimes if I’m going home for the weekend I’ll take my Vans rucksack so that I can fit clothes and makeup in it. I also have a suede, tassle bag which is cute for casual occasions.

So there we have it, you now know what’s in my bag.

EG x