27 Things a girl thinks when getting ready for a night out

We all know how long girls take to get ready to go on a night out, but what exactly are we thinking in between having a hissy fit over our eyeliner and realising were already too drunk?

Read the next 27 things to find out.

  1. I need to wash my hair, it looks greasy.
  2. Wait no, I shouldn’t because it’ll just get sweaty and drinks are going to be all over the place and soak it.
  3. When should I start getting ready, I need enough time to do everything but I don’t want to be late to pre drinks but I also want to be a bit tipsy before I even leave the house.
  4. What should I wear?
  5. How should I do my hair?
  6. What colour eyeshadow should I use?
  7. I’m not going to have a big tea (or dinner, whatever you call it) so I get drunker and feel less guilty when I get takeaway later.
  8. I wonder whether I’ll be an angry drunk, an emotional drunk or a too-drunk-to-remember-what-happened-last-night drunk.
  9. What shoes will go with this outfit and allow me to dance my arse off without giving me permanent foot damage?
  10. *Puts party playlist on* I’m so in the mood to go out!
  11. How much money should I take?
  12. *Looks in bank account* well I’m going to have to look extra hot so that lads buy me drinks.
  13. I wonder if (insert name) is going to be out tonight.
  14. Bra or no bra?
  15. Probs shouldn’t wear a bodysuit so I can go to the loo easily and quickly so I can get back on the dancefloor and make a fool of myself.
  16. Who should I get to fasten up my dress?
  17. I think I’m too drunk to do my eyeliner.
  18. I’m too bloated to wear that.
  19. I need a wee already but I don’t want to ‘break the seal’ too soon.
  20. Tights or no tights?
  21. I wonder who’s going to pull tonight.
  22. UGH everyone is going to look way nicer than me.
  23. My hair looks dreadful.
  24. My makeup looks dreadful.
  25. I look fat.
  26. I’m not going out.
  27. You know what I don’t care it’s going to be dark anyway.

I personally think all of these thoughts when getting ready for a night out and I wouldn’t mind being one of those people that can get ready in like half an hour and look flawless without all the drama.

If you think completely different things, comment below so we can have a giggle.

EG x







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