What I do on my lazy days

Lazy days feel like weekend to me. I don’t always have the money to do things and during the week when I have days off uni, my friends usually don’t so I’m left in the house alone.

This is good for me as it means I can do what the F I want, including playing music really loud and thinking I’m headlining a festival when singing (shouting) along to it.

My lazy day is just like everyone elses and I particularly enjoy them when they’re in between the days I’m at uni just because I get to lie in and not put makeup on for a whole day.

So here’s my stereotypical lazy day routine.

1. Wake up

Waking up at daytime is a given. I live with my boyfriend so waking up isn’t actually that bad for me because I get body warmth from him which is especially good seen as it’s now autumn and very chilly in the morning. It’s also nice because it’s the only time he’s not playing on his Xbox so I can bitch about whatever to him and he actually has to listen.

2. Make some brekky

Making breakfast seems like it would also be a given however in this household it’s not. I never have time to eat anything before uni and even if I did I am poor and can’t afford luxuries like cereal. So when i have my beloved days off I can always cook myself something up. Today were running low on food but I found some eggs and beans, hey presto- scrambled eggs with beans mmm.


3. Coffee

Coffee comes with my breakfast of course. I like black coffee but usually it’s milk and one(ish) sugar (I sometimes have more). This of course is to keep me fresh and awake, not really I just bloody love coffee. Might even put a filter coffee machine on my Christmas list. Who knows?

4. Netflix

I’ve recently started watching Freaks and Geeks and I’m enjoying it. I’m up to episode seven and omg how fit is James Franco in it. Anyway, I just really like it because it’s easy to watch and it’s one of those cool 90’s shows where the fashion is on point.


5. Blog

As I’ve just started my blog I thought it’d be good to post as much as I can. I think it’s quite therapeutic and it’s actually contributing to my journalism portfolio whilst being fun. I usually research blog posts too to give me some inspiration on what my next one should be.

6. Uni work

Of course on my days off I’ve got to do uni work right? Wrong? Well basically I do my uni work when I’ve got some but even if I haven’t I like to check my emails and look on moodle to catch up on things I might not fully understand.

uni work.jpg

7. Watch TV / film

Usually after all of that I sit in the living room with my housemates where we watch TV or a film. We all like to watch American Horror Story together but even if there’s nothing on that we particularly want to watch we all sit and chat.


So yes that was my very, extremely, fascinating  lazy day. Obviously there’s nothing out of the blue on there but tbh what did you expect from a student? My weekends can be different and I sometimes go on nights out during the week so it can all change but that’s the basis of what I like to do.

EG x


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