My tattoo story

I wanted a tattoo since I was 16 and from that point I knew what I was getting. I’ve always liked the traditional roses and I’ve never wanted a coloured tat so I added both of these ideas together, did some research, and came up with a grey rose- what a surprise!

I can’t really remember how I decided where I wanted my tattoo but as soon as I thought about having it on my upper back between my shoulder blades I pretty much didn’t change my mind.

So, when I was 16 and got my GCSE results my Mum took me to get the tattoo I desperately wanted as people had been telling us that you can get tattoos at the age of 16 as long as you’re accompanied by an adult.

We went to a piercing and tattooing shop and they said that it’s illegal to get one at the age of 16 even when you’re with an adult, and that if there’s people who do actually do that then we should be very wary about what else they’re doing wrong. So of course my Mum thought it best to wait till I was 18.

HOWEVER as I said in a previous post that I had acne since I was 13, so at the time of me being 18 and allowed a tattoo, I was on some medication that made all of my skin dry and sensitive meaning that I would be in a lot of pain and the tat would very likely be crap.

When I turned 19 I’d been off the meds for a while so I got the tattoo for my birthday. This was when I was in my first year at uni so I went back home to get it.

Deciding which place I was going to get it done at was also pretty easy as my friend had recently got one and not only was it a really good tattoo, it was also extremely reasonably priced. So I went to a place in Hull called Lucky 13.

As I said it was my first year at uni therefore I had new friends and one of them came back to Hull with me for a night out and to hold my hand whilst getting my tattoo.

Bad decision to go out the night before I got it. I was hanging out my arse. Unsurprisingly I made a complete fool out of myself- hangover + pain = me feeling like I was going to faint but instead was sick in the sink causing it to block. Not joking. I blocked the sink with my sick.

Pain-wise, the outline of the rose was probably the most painful as it was just 1 needle on the skin, the shading felt better however as it got to the end the artist was just shading on what felt like raw flesh.

All in all, it was my own fault I was sick because I was stupid and got too tipsy the night before, although whilst getting the tattoo done I just had to sit unsupported on a bed. I wondered why I wasn’t allowed to lay down but it was probably so the tattoo didn’t go a weird shape etc. The pain was bearable but at some points unbearable. Even so I’m deffo getting another one, maybe even for Christmas as my parents said I can.

If you have any Q’s on getting a tattoo comment them below and I’ll try to be as helpful as possible.

EG x



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