My everyday makeup rountine

Everyone has their go-to makeup routine especially if they’re running late or are just doing something cas. Mine is for when I want to make an effort but don’t have a lot of time like in the morning before I go to uni.

I was always self conscious when not wearing makeup, but that’s because I had acne for my whole teenage life. I got rid of it last year due to some medication I was on which means I’m not scared of going out without makeup on now, however I still do just because it makes me feel better and I like to use it.

I like the natural look so I don’t use a lot of product on my face. I also like to try different things out with my eyeshadow as I have many different colours, but today I went for a pretty shimmery pink as I think it goes with the autumn weather well.

So here’s my everyday makeup routine.

Products I used

As I said this is my everyday, go-to makeup routine. I change it up with the eyes for different occasions like when I’m going out I always add glitter, or sometimes I don’t wear eyeliner.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more looks.

EG x


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