10 ‘fun’ facts about me

Seen as this is my first blog post I decided what better way to start off than a few facts about myself?

I’m going to jump straight into it purely because I want to boast about what my first fact is about, so here goes…

1. I have a pet cat called Luna

I’ve basically grown up having at least one cat in my life however when the last one died I got a rabbit and guinea-pig. Cats are a nice pet to have as they are very independent which is good if your family has a busy lifestyle like mine. I’ve had Luna for around four years now and she is the prettiest little thing. Sounds bad but I miss her probably more than anyone else when I’m at uni (I can speak to your family on the phone) and I need me some cat loving!img_1509

2. I fucking love Harry Potter

I feel like the fact that my cat is called Luna means that it’s a given that I love Harry Potter. My mum has always said that I need to get in the real world but it’s bloody hard when you grow up with the wizarding world being so accessible (books and DVD, I do realise it’s not real!) and it’s so easy to talk about with new people, especially when you’re awkward like me. My favourite characters are Sirius Black and Remus Lupin (I can’t chose out of them) and I actually dislike James Potter for being a dickhead to Snape.1

3. I used to be a dancer, cheerleader & gymnast

From the age of two till 16 I danced and I actually really enjoyed it. I also did gymnastics back in the day but that wasn’t for long as I broke my right leg and wait for it… Had to have a zimmer frame AND a wheelchair. I was a mess. My favourite sport that I participated in was probably cheerleading, just because it was something different to me and my squad was actually pretty good. I played netball in college however now that I’m at uni I’m a lazy bugger and do absolutely nothing.

4. My favourite alcoholic drink is vodka, lime & lemonade

I once tweeted ‘vodka is my valentine’ and to this day it is still true. I enjoy it because I dont get bad hangovers, I don’t chunder (much) when I drink it, and it’s easy to drink. I have the lemonade because I’m not an animal and can’t drink it straight, although it used to be my party trick, and the lime is so I can’t taste the vodka therefore I can drink more of it. Smart I know.

5. I have met Spongebob Squarepants

Many of you will be like ‘wtf why did she want to meet him?’ but tbh I don’t care. My friends and family know I love a bit of spongey B and when the opportunity arose when I went to Universal this year I obviously couldn’t say no.

6. I like the sea

I enjoy going in the sea a LOT when I’m on holiday and have always wanted to move to a hotter country near the sea. I love going snorkeling and would like to try out scuba diving and surfing, and learning about the different sea creatures makes me happy.

7. I enjoy sleeping

zSleep is very important to me (I feel like it is to every student) and I’m going to be honest with you it’s what I spend most of my time doing. Even when I’m not sleeping I’m just sat in my bed doing F all which to me is relaxing. Strange enough I am a morning person, I’d just prefer to be asleep than awake.


8. I’m socially awkward

I’ve been socially awkward since I can remember and I seriously don’t know how to overcome it. I have a fear of being put in social situations where I don’t know anybody and the annoying thing is that once I do know someone, I’m really open with them. I’ve recently been told by my friend that I met in college, and who I’m currently living with, that she never expected me to be like I am and that’s purely because I’m so quiet and shy when I first meet people.

9. I was first to be ‘put on pen’ in my year at school

Brilliant I know. No but for real this was a proud moment for me. I got a certificate and everything. For those that don’t know what I mean by being ‘put on pen’ (probably everybody) I actually mean that I no longer had to write with a pencil because my handwriting was good. So technically I was better than everyone else. In my head I was anyway.

10. My favourite animal (atm) is the Elephant

I really love elephants as they are extremely intelligent and have an amazing memory. I detest the fact that they are hunted and used for entertainment (I don’t like any animal being put through that). Their length of life should be spent in the wild where they’re supposed to be. I have many favourite animals as I am a big animal lover.2

So that’s it. 10 random rather than fun facts about me. I hope you’ve learnt a bit about me and that you stay tuned for more blog posts.

EG x


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